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Farmer Brown

Goldie's Golden Egg Hunt

Goldie is taking Farmer Brown where no egg has gone before with a groundbreaking new augmented reality promotion.

Goldie’s Golden Egg Hunt invites people to use their phones to find a million golden eggs all over New Zealand with the chance to win $10,000 and more every week.

Players use their phones to hunt for one million augmented reality golden eggs, which hover in the landscape. Every golden egg gives them another entry in the weekly $10,000 prize draws, while collecting blue and pink eggs can win grocery vouchers and special ‘Goldie packs’ of Goldie goodies.For Goldie’s Golden Egg Hunt, Work Group’s digital team developed the augmented reality programming in-house. The promotion is being supported by a TV OnDemand, digital campaign, showing Goldie flying around New Zealand, dropping golden eggs all over the country.